Why Anti India Washington Post called Amit Shah as Invisible prime minister and dangerous


Narendra Modi Government returns with a majority that is unprecedented. Most of the senior leaders of Congress were in attendance when Narendra Modi took oath of office. Let us assume that these people attended the same leaving aside all the conspiracies, machinations and bad mouthing of Modi Government and BJP Politicians. Let us also assume Modi reciprocated the same feeling. But it is impossible for one person to forget any of these. He would never forget. He is Amit Shah. Time would tell if he took oath as Home Minister or to destroy evil forces. The reasons for the same will be revealed if we go back a few years.

Rewind to 25th July 2010. On this day CBI arrested Amit Shah, then Home Minister of Gujarat branding Sohrabuddin encounter as fake. It is for the first time in the history of India that a sitting Home Minister was arrested by CBI. Bigger pain point was that it was not fake encounter either. There was more than 60 cases against Sohrabuddin including that of Extortion, Threatening, Murder etc. Over and above that he was also working for Lashkar-e-Taiba and Pakistani secret agency. This terrorist’s intention was to assassinate some prominent leader of Gujarat and create chaos in the state. During those times it was Narendra Modi who was very prominent and known leader as Chief Minister of Gujarat and he was the target of terrorists. Sohrabuddin was already doing business with Dawood Ibrahim, Sharif Khan Pathan, Abdul Latif, Rasool Khan Parti, Brajesh Singh and other such underworld figures. What else do you do other than kill a person who had an AK-47 at home? Police had killed him and this was not a news then. It was about a year later, in 2006 after a Journalist Prashant Dayal wrote in Dainik Bhaskar that it came to be known. The moment Congress heard a Muslim name, without a care for the fact if he was a Terrorist or a normal man, it’s political feelers got excited.

After taking action against various officials, it landed at Amit Shah’s doorsteps. It was machinations of several senior leaders of Congress and Ahmed Patel. Can a Home Minister be held responsible for acts of policemen? Yes. It was possible through Congress politics of hate. Amit Shah never spoke a word then. He was detained and sent to Sabarmati Jail. He was defamed. All this friends and well-wishers distanced from him just because he was awarded jail. Yet he bore them all. Not one or two, he was in jail for 3 months. Finally, he was released on bail. Wait, do you know what was condition that was put grant him bail? That he cannot step into his homeland Gujarat. How can one forgive these Congressmen who made him not step into his native state? But the time for it had not come. He agreed to those conditions and came out on bail. While coming out of jail he just said, “Mari oat joi kinare ghar na bandhtta samundar chu pacho avish”(Wait. Don’t underestimate me. I am going for now. Don’t build your home at sea shore. I am the sea and I will come back for sure) Today the same Home Ministry that Congress used against Amit Shah, is headed by him. What could be more horrifying for Congress and Pidi journalists than watching Amit Shah taking oath as HM.
The surprising part! Similar situation occurred in Mahabharata too. During those days, it is believed that serpents never had poisonous fangs. Right from infants to elderly used to play with snakes. Serpent King Vasuki for his protection prays to Lord Vishnu. He pleads Lord Vishnu to give him venom and give all snakes a little. It is only after this boon that the snakes developed poisonous fangs. As is its nature, snakes then started biting and killing people with no provocation. King Janamejaya subsequently conducted a SarpaYaga (sacrificial fire) where lot of snakes got killed in the fire. He finally obliterated the entire serpent clan.

There is another example of history repeating itself. During the Mahabharata war, Dronacharya begins to chant a mantra to invoke a Divine weapon(Divyastra) for use against Arjuna. Lord Brahma appears before Dronacharya and advised that the Divine weapons are meant for fighting against adharma (evil or injustice). But you invoking the same in this war is inappropriate. Dronacharya then retorts saying, “You are the cause for my birth, Arjuna’s birth, for this was and also of this weapon”. Lord Brahma then says, “I am also the cause of Dhristadhyumna” and vanishes. Later, Dhristhadhymna slays Dronacharya during the war.

Isn’t the current political situation exactly the same? As Dhrishtadhyumna against the evil, and as Janamejaya against the snakes who were killing good people, Amit Shah has arrived. Scores of 2010 has still not got settled yet. Urban Naxals have spread their tentacles like parthenium weed all over the country. Terrorist and Pakistan have set their gaze upon India. It may not be settled at once, but all old scores will be settled one after the other.

It is probably for this reason that everyone, from Politicians to Journalists, and many within and outside the country are in mortal fear of Amit Shah. No sooner than Amit Shah took charge as Home Minister, Washington Post ran a piece headlined “Amit Shah, India’s invisible Prime Minister, gets more powerful and dangerous”. They have filled imaginary hate stuff against Amit Shah which is indicative of the fear they have for this man. Imagine how would they even survive the next five years when they are in such phobia when Amit Shah has not even begun his work in the Ministry. It may be recalled how Modi was demonized as a dangerous murderer, merchant of death etc. and attempted to create fear in the minds of people. Creating fear in the minds of people by Liberals and Paid media agents of Congress is initial steps they have taken.

Remember, Amit Shah is no ordinary politician. His plans would be such that, his aim will never miss its target at any cost. He has contested 29 elections since 1989 and never lost any one. He has won consecutive elections of 1997, 1998. 2002. 2007. At one time, he was even handling 12 Departments single-handedly.
While Atal Behari Vajpayee and LK Advani were considered a deadly combination then, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah has gone much beyond that, answering the evil with the same coin and punish them unfailingly. Without their permission, Terrorists cannot enter the country, nor can the criminals escape. Example: When Jet Airways chief and his wife getting detained while attempting to escape to London via Dubai from Mumbai, immediately after the resounding victory which the country elected them on May 23rd.

Amit Shah has summoned files related to Urban Naxals, Terrorists and those who are security threat is the latest news. Ever since Ramayana-Mahabharata times, those haughty ones, drunk on power will learn lessons and damage to themselves that they never forget in the entire life. A non-descript businessman has come to power. Moreover he is wounded by the evil forces. Would he forgive and let them go scot-free? No one can change the destiny if God willed this. Because, remember, Amit Shah himself had said, “Don’t underestimate me”!

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